It all started when...



Travel with us.

We are begging our dream of bringing women and families to Haiti and we could not be more excited.

We believe in the power of the artisan, the power of humanity and relationships. At la Olive Branch we want to extend our friendship to those across the ocean.


To encourage the awareness of culture and economic differences through experience. Though our trips we will visit workshops and meet artisans and the hearts behind the art. We will talk with the business owners who are paving the way out of poverty for so many in an undeserved nation.

When you travel with us you will be able to visit the very artisans and companies of the products you are selling. From product to seller to artisans, your trip will be full circle. We want to take you to the front lines of the future in sustainable business.

If you are interested in traveling with Cedar and Cypress Designs to Haiti through la Olive Branch please contact us at info@cedarandcypressdesigns.com