to work, one with another.

Collaboration is what Cedar and Cypress Designs is about. We collaborate with artisans, we collaborate with each other and we collaborate with you. One simply cannot thrive without the other.

The Cedar and Cypress Designs product lines comes to you from a variety of companies. We partner with companies in Port-au-Prince, Haiti as well as America.

It is our joy to collaborate with our partners in Haiti - it keeps us involved in the country we love and helps us to share their product, their beauty and their mission with you.




We love being able to spread our products around the country. If you have a store and are interesting in wholesaling our products, please email us! We would love to work together. 

Our Artisan Partners

"A woman stood outside my gate for the past week with a new infant and a toddler in tow. Day after day she waited and day after day I told her we didn't have work. We don't have work. Not enough work. Today she followed me for four blocks. It annoyed me. Can't I just walk down the street without being harassed? After my appointment four blocks away, I went to leave. She was there- baby in arms, waiting. Hopeful. No work I said! Stop following me! She paused a second and then she just broke down and wept. She wept. She sobbed. Lord have mercy, I thought. I need to sell some more jewelry."

Shelley Clay, Founder Papillion Enterprise


"The mission of Anchored in Hope is to empower Haitian artisans to provide for their families with dignity. Our desire is to inspire hope for a better tomorrow through our reliance on the anchor that we have in Jesus Christ."

Jessica Burmester, Founder Anchored in Hope

"We are a socially-conscious artisan atelier based in Port-au-Prince Haiti. We are dedicated to job creation, skill training and reflecting all the beauty Haiti has to offer. Our artisans are the heart of all we do. Each product is thoughtfully crafted with care and proudly made in Haiti. Thank you for your support and don't under estimate the power of your purchase."

Chandler Busby, Founder Haiti Design Co-Op

During my initial visit to Haiti, in 2004, i was changed by a specific situation that happened our first day in Port Au Prince. We were with a local missionary in her car when we were approached by a young mother holding a 10-11 month old baby.  The woman spoke at length with Sherrie, our friend. and as we discovered afterwards, she was begging us to take her child.. Powerless to feed her, and with two more young ones at home, she was willing to give her away.  I was stunned. Sherrie quickly explained, “please know, this woman no more WANTS to give her baby away than you would. She is desperate.” At that moment i tried to imagine how deep a desperation i would have to be feeling that i would hand my daughter, 4 years old at that time, to a stranger not knowing if i’d ever see her again. I call that my moment of “perfect moral clarity.”  And i knew that i’d spend the rest of my life doing something so that less women on this planet feel that sense of desperation. Looking back, I realize 2nd Story Goods was conceived that day.

Kathy Brooks, Founder 2nd Story Goods

"Haiti’s Hand Print supports and encourages Haitian artisans by partnering with them; providing a living wage- emboldening families to emerge from poverty. We are Haitian, working with and for Haiti."

Miquette McMahon, Founder Haiti's Handprint