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Bring on Fall

September has been good to us. It has been a whole month that we will have spent visiting friends and family and having some down time in New York. Its' been a great trip, but we are ready to get home to Minnesota and get cracking on developing "Made in America" and working with some new partners.

We have some really amazing pieces to be added to the website when we get back to the "office" in October, but until then check out some of the new products we got in from one of our amazing partners in Haiti!

We absolutely love these leather clutches and want one in every color!! Get them before they are gone, a perfect new accessory for fall!

Up and Down

Well it has been about three weeks since we opened and we have had our shares of ups and down's. We started out great and it was so exciting to see so many familiar names and people who were shopping and most importantly supporting! "They" say, (whoever "they are) that it can take up to two years to be profitable in small businesses such as this. Although this might sound discouraging, its pretty encouraging! I know I have to keep at it and not give up! With such a fantastic community around me, I know we will get there!

I have felt the love and support and so appreciate every one of you! Keep sharing with your friends, post your pics and find us on Instagram @cedarandcypressdesigns! Be sure to like our Facebook page and keep shopping!