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Up and Down

Well it has been about three weeks since we opened and we have had our shares of ups and down's. We started out great and it was so exciting to see so many familiar names and people who were shopping and most importantly supporting! "They" say, (whoever "they are) that it can take up to two years to be profitable in small businesses such as this. Although this might sound discouraging, its pretty encouraging! I know I have to keep at it and not give up! With such a fantastic community around me, I know we will get there!

I have felt the love and support and so appreciate every one of you! Keep sharing with your friends, post your pics and find us on Instagram @cedarandcypressdesigns! Be sure to like our Facebook page and keep shopping!


"Grand Opening"

Hi again!

Well this is an exciting week for us here at Cedar and Cypress Designs. We have a new shipment arriving from Haiti to complete our initial product line and this Friday, July 31st, we officially launch and will be ready for sales! This has been a dream long in the making and we are so grateful to all the people who have been a part of this journey. This is a very exciting time for us and we hope you will stop back this weekend and buy buy buy!