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Meanwhile, back in Haiti...

If you haven't checked in for a while or are new to us, then it might be news to you that we have been planning another trip to Haiti. We started a Fundly campaign to raise funds to cover some of the costs associated (something I am not used to) and came so close to our goal-God is so good!

I am so grateful and honored to know so many amazing people with such generous hearts. Thank you thank you thank you to ever one who donated or shared our post. It means so much!

We are back in Haiti this time to work with and collaborate a little with a newer company called Sa Voix. Sa Voix means Her Voice in French and they are a collective of women working together. A group of women who's spirits are weaving a beautiful tapestry as they are given the chance to have a job and provide for their lives. Currently they are four Haitian women and Jessica, the founder from Chicago. They have a beautiful spirit to their work place and each one has a bright light.

It has been a pleasure to learn about Sa Voix, the goals and dreams of the organization, and the hearts of the girls. I look forward to what will unfold over the next week and what God has in store. As always in Haiti, I am sure I will walk away having learned much more from them than vice versa.

Stay tuned, there is going to be a great foundation laid and I am exited to share it with you.

Working on perfecting some things...

Working on perfecting some things...

Partnership and investment

Partnership is a great thing; in business, in life. But investment, that is where the good stuff is. When you take the time to invest in something-not with your money, but with yourself-beautiful things happen.

As a teacher, I was able to invest and pour into my students. Sometimes it was with tough love and other times it was a hug or honest conversation and advice. When you take the time to invest in some one or something, it becomes woven into your fibers.

When I was in high school myself, I remember some of the people who invested in me. My art teacher, Mrs. Yahner for one. Mrs. Y let us take over her room in the mornings before school started, tolerating at most I am sure our teenage issues and chatter. She let us eat our lunch, leave our bags and just be who we were. She invested in us in a way that made an impact. When I became a teacher in Haiti I often though of those days in the art room.

When I go home to NY I get to see Mrs. Yahner. She is a good friend of my moms and although has since retired from Marathon, she is still doing what she loves. When I was home over the summer, I suggested to her that we might partner in some way. I am so excited to be working with some one who as a teacher has taught me so much. (Her work is beautiful and you can check it out on Facebook at Frosty Morning Jewelry. If you are in Ithaca, NY at the farmers market, be sure to find her!)

I don't think I would have had the confidence in myself now as an artist if Mrs. Y had not been such an excellent teacher, both in skill, but also in many other ways.

This spring I am releasing a new "Joy" collection and many of the pieces are from Mrs. Yahner. Metal stamping, well that's a skill I learned in High School from you guessed it, Mrs. Yahner.

Next time you have a conversation with some one about your skill, or give advice or take in a mentee, know we are all our here in this together, trying to get by and have a little joy while we do it. What you do now can have a major impact on some one later.

Love well and invest in others.