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I get asked a lot what I take my website pictures with. People will remark how nice my pictures are on my website. If that has been you, first I want to say thank you! Some times it's nice to feel like you're doing something right.

So my big secret is that I use my...

phone. That's right, my phone, even for this awesome picture of Rachel in our new Minnesota LOVE T shirts.

My little Samsung S 5 or something like that, I am not even sure what it is to be honest, but it does the job and it does it well. I think a lot of the time taking pictures comes down to the person, not the device. Some days I am more "on" than others.

I made my own light box after watching part of a UTube video. It was super easy and has made a huge difference. I still need to work on getting the right lighting, but like everything else, it's a process and little by little I am figuring things out.

I am not a web developer, but I do my own website. I am not a photographer (although admittingly I have done a few weddings in my past and would say I do know some-what what I am doing-ish), but I take my own pics.

I think like anything in life, if you work hard at it, sometimes do a little research, a lot of practice and good old fashion grit, you can figure it out. And if you can't, then ask for help.

This is a learning process. I don't have a degree in business, yet here I am. I didn't go to design, fashion or art school either, but I think I do ok. Whatever your heart is set on, let me be one of the many to tell you, go for it. Whatever your dreams are, pursue them. We are all in this together.

Good luck and God bless.

But first, pictures

We have been writing blogs, but what good is a blog with out pictures. I'll tell you-no good. We have a lot to catch up on about our trip to Haiti still, but I want to have product pictures to go with the stories and visits. We made a light box today which was so much fun (and super easy)! We have been busy taking pictures, naming pictures, editing pictures and finally posting pictures!

Some fun products from our spring line that will be up on the website soon!!! Taken in our new light box!

Some fun products from our spring line that will be up on the website soon!!! Taken in our new light box!

You might know that we recently went to Haiti on a buying trip, we brought back a ton of fun new products, picked up two new companies (yey for new friends), but now we need to photograph it all and get them on line.

Before we left for Haiti we were busy making products for our Made in America line. We are so excited that most of them are finally on line-well most of them.

Next up is our spring line from Haiti! Thank you for being patient, keep checking in as new things will be up daily!

There are so so many exciting things in the future for us. If you are a praying type, please keep us in your prayers, we have some exciting possibilities in our future and need to discern through what it all looks like.