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Well I am from upstate New York (like the REALLY snowy part) and I now live in Minnesota where it happens to be VERY cold. Winter is tough and sometimes I get sad and blue, but I feel its up to me to change that.

It’s no secret that seasonal affective disorder or the “winter blues” is a very real and present thing for those of us up here in the great north. Seasonal affective disorder is characterized as a type of depression experience at the same time every year, typically during the winter months. 

Web-MD says that one cause is due to our body falling out-of-sync with the reduced sunlight - personally I don’t think the below freezing temperatures and chilling winds tend to help either. 

So if you have found yourself feeling "out of sync" this winter, hang on…its almost over! But until the tulips come up, I wanted to share these three tips with you on how to keep your chin up until the spring comes and the cherry blossoms bloom.

  1. Create the daylight your lacking. Yeah, thats right, get it wherever you can. The missing daylight is one of the biggest factors to our changing mood. Open your blinds up and sit near the window whenever possible. Soaking up every ray of sunshine makes a big difference. 
  2. Get out there and enjoy the winter. Now this is something I tried to really get into this year. I went out to Play it Again Sports and bought a new pair of ice skates this year and when I lived in New York I went skiing as much as possible. There are so many winter activities going on, you just need to find some of the things happening in your area and embrace the winter, it might be spring and falls ugly step sister, but she deserves some love. Not to mention there are many additional benefits to healthy activities (skiing, snow shoeing, hiking etc.) and it doesn't hurt to look the part. A new scarf or pair of tights always makes me feel cute and shopping makes me cheerier. If you are looking for something to do in March and live in the Twin Cities area, check out this link.
  3. Try something new. The winter can be a great time to take advantage of the things you wanted to try, but never seem to have the time to during the spring or summer months. Do something you haven’t done since you were a kid or something you have never done before. Finish some of those best sellers, go bowling with a group of friends or host a Gatsby themed dinner party. 

Winter is almost over and spring is just around the corner, but the thing is…winter will be back next year, right about the same time. Until then, get out there in the sunshine, enjoy the summer months, get some sunshine and BE HAPPY.

(Disclosure: I am not a doctor, if you have symptoms of depression please seek professional help.)

#Honesty #Thankful

Last week was amazing, seeing my clothing on the rack in a boutique and on TV. Last week Flaunt Boutique was on Twin Cities Live talking about their five year anniversary and showcasing some of the items in the shop. I got to be one of the models and wear one of my designs, paired with a Minnesota Made T. It has been so much fun to put on red lipstick and get all dressed up and be a part of the Flaunt Accessories team. 

According to Melissa, I had to have red lipstick. I embraced it...tis the season.

According to Melissa, I had to have red lipstick. I embraced it...tis the season.

Those are my designs, right there in the middle on that rack in that store :)

Those are my designs, right there in the middle on that rack in that store :)

Check us out on Twin Cities Live below:

OK, now I have to get honest here for a minute. I'm changing direction.

All of this excitement has far exceeded my expectations for the first six months of Cedar and Cypress Designs. The products from Haiti are doing well, the website is great and this holiday season, financially speaking...from a business perspective has been great, our best! I opened Made in America, started a clothing line and there is even more exciting news to come in the new year!

It has all been incredible, but I have let my self down in the process. I let myself get caught up in so many worldy things. I honestly don't know the last time I volunteered or gave of my time. I haven't stopped to really pray over all the blessings like I should. I'm not sure I was ever really great at this to be honest, but I know I can do better than what I am doing now.

This week is Thanksgiving and I have so much to be thankful for. And if I am going to be honest, I am going to start with myself. I am so thankful that I found Christ, that He died so that I might live. I am thankful for the exciting things happening right now, but I am most thankful for you God. I pray that I might live to show that Lord. I give my life to you Lord and you alone and for that privilege, I am thankful.