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Sa Voix-Her Voice or Your Voice

About two weeks ago we returned from an eight day trip to Haiti. Our favorite part about Cedar and Cypress Designs is the partners we get to collaborate with, both in Haiti and here in Minnesota. Our goal is to be relational, sometimes that isn't so easy when you live across the sea.

However, when we get to visit Haiti we get to be intentional with those relationships and our partners. I seem to have an affinity for friendships and hugs. On our recent trip to Haiti, a coffee date with a friend lead to collaboration with a new one (thanks Lexie). We met Jess from Sa-Voix towards the end of our trip, and short of extending our visit, we did our best to work with her as much as possible before we had to leave island life behind once again.

Sa-Voix is also relational and we are encouraged with our new found friendship we were able to cultivate in the short amount of time we were able to spend with them. It is clear that the team at Sa-Voix is a family.

Through the use of art, Sa-Voix is a vehicle to create a safe space for women to explore theirvoice. Sa-Voix is empowering and giving women a voice and a future. The products are Sa-Voix are made by first hand painting the fabric and then sewn into beautiful hand bags and headbands.

"Sa Voix exists to help young women in Haiti find their voice through the arts.


  •       We Foster Creativity
  •       We Cultivate Community
  •       We Equip Holistically
  •       We Speak Tangibly"

We were able to see the Sa Voix workshop and spend some time with Jess and Reinese, one of two Haitian seamstresses. Their space is light and inspiring, it fosters creativity and joy-exactly the kind of space I like to work in. Sa-Voix is in it's infancy, but you can tell they have a bright future ahead of them.

Join me in watching them learn and grow. We are so excited about our new partnership with Sa-Voix and are working to get back down to Haiti to spend some quality time with them very soon in hopes to encourage them in their creativity and designs. We look forward to cultivating and developing that partnership and the relationships with their team.

We are blessed by our many partners in Haiti, if you would like to partner with organizations like Sa-Voix please reach out to us. Whether you buy a product, donate to their cause or have the chance to visit their quaint space some day-how you choose your voice will make a difference. We all have a voice. It is up to you how you use yours.

Complications in Communication

I am not the best communicator at times, I am however really great at being super emotional and impulsive. Not an overwhelming awesome combination when you have to be professional as a business owner. When something goes wrong in an aspect of my life, I don't always go about it in the best way. I tend to fly off the handle a little, but its something I have been working on for a long time. 

When stress levels compound my short fuse, it's all a big recipe for disaster. Not to mention sprinkling in some of those general emotions. Learning to control all this is a huge feat for sure. I have to say when things go wrong or get all upside down and complicated I am really glad to know the art of prayer and it puts me at ease to know the impact of prayer. Turning my eyes to the Lord has been essential over the last few years on the mission field in Haiti and that is no different now as I embark on this adventure of owning my own business.

Things don't go the way you expect and there isn't really anything to do but deal with it, or in the words of Carly Fiorina "Figure it out." Apparently that's what great leaders do so if I want to be a good leader in business, my family and other areas of my life, then I better start figuring it out.

Ready. Set. Go.

Cheers to the weekend!!!