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January blues.

Well looks like we made it through January in Minnesota. The days are starting to get longer, but they still seem to be just as cold as they were a month ago. As a small business owner and some one who is just starting out, I find the cold dreary days-especially the ones lived out with the cold and flu-to be difficult.

I find myself doubting my abilities and goals much more when I look outside and everything is grey.  BUT, I know that I have a great potential and great future. I know Cedar and Cypress Designs can be everything I want it to be and more. I know this is worth sticking out.

Luckily I have met some amazing women and entrepreneurs in my days that are an encouragement and reminder of what it means to not give up. Luckily every time I get down or things don't look so bright outside, I can look up and things turn around. God has really provided for and blessed my little start up and I am so grateful for that.

February is going to be a lovely month and great things are going to happen and I can not wait. So if the winter blues have you down, stop looking outside and start looking up. Something great is just around the corner and you aren't in this alone.

And if none of that works, I decide to put the electric blue clutch on sale for 30$ all month long, because...well it makes me happy.

We got this February!

#Honesty #Thankful

Last week was amazing, seeing my clothing on the rack in a boutique and on TV. Last week Flaunt Boutique was on Twin Cities Live talking about their five year anniversary and showcasing some of the items in the shop. I got to be one of the models and wear one of my designs, paired with a Minnesota Made T. It has been so much fun to put on red lipstick and get all dressed up and be a part of the Flaunt Accessories team. 

According to Melissa, I had to have red lipstick. I embraced it...tis the season.

According to Melissa, I had to have red lipstick. I embraced it...tis the season.

Those are my designs, right there in the middle on that rack in that store :)

Those are my designs, right there in the middle on that rack in that store :)

Check us out on Twin Cities Live below:

OK, now I have to get honest here for a minute. I'm changing direction.

All of this excitement has far exceeded my expectations for the first six months of Cedar and Cypress Designs. The products from Haiti are doing well, the website is great and this holiday season, financially speaking...from a business perspective has been great, our best! I opened Made in America, started a clothing line and there is even more exciting news to come in the new year!

It has all been incredible, but I have let my self down in the process. I let myself get caught up in so many worldy things. I honestly don't know the last time I volunteered or gave of my time. I haven't stopped to really pray over all the blessings like I should. I'm not sure I was ever really great at this to be honest, but I know I can do better than what I am doing now.

This week is Thanksgiving and I have so much to be thankful for. And if I am going to be honest, I am going to start with myself. I am so thankful that I found Christ, that He died so that I might live. I am thankful for the exciting things happening right now, but I am most thankful for you God. I pray that I might live to show that Lord. I give my life to you Lord and you alone and for that privilege, I am thankful.