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My Fortunate Life

I booked a craft show this weekend, it started on Thursday and runs through valentine's day. It can be interesting to talk to and meet so many different people at these shows.
The woman next to me is blind and has been her whole life, yet here she is. She told me she took public transportation this morning. That was a blow when I thought back on not wanting to run out and start the car. I can drive, what a huge blessing. I was here last night when two friend of hers helped her set up. She is a popcorn, fudge and beef jerky distributor-makes her own jewelry-and is bound to her mechanical chair. It sure put my life into perspective. I am so beyond blessed.

Half of my product line is made in Haiti and the other half is made in America. Some people are very interested in Haiti and want to hear my story. My story is this, I am very fortunate and very blessed. God led me to Haiti and it was a beautiful step of faith and I am better for it. He met me right where I was every day for five years. He put people in my life that grew and changed me.

Yesterday was slow, well dead really. It is days like this where I get discouraged with this company of mine. Days like this where I question what or why I am doing. But then God puts that one person in my path. The one person who asks me about Haiti and the people there and my experience and I remember why. Or the one person who is blind, yet out there going after their vision and I remember why. Or the one person who as I tell her my journey, tears come to my eyes and I remember why I do this.

I am so very blessed, I am so fortunate. I am traveling to Florida and then on to Haiti in a week. I can come and go in and out of this country and that one as I please. I always have food and electricity. I have my sight, my hearing, all of my limbs and I don't want this to come off wrong, but I even have a tad of both brains and beauty.

I hope my life tells a story, not of how blessed I am, but of something more. My life is fortunate and I am guessing if you're reading this, in one way or another, yours is as well.
Take a minute to thank God for the blessings in your life and when you're done, do your best to pass it on. Be a blessing to some one else.