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A reason 2.0

Update from Chandler on her last post via Facebook:
Holy cow. Within one hour we just received $1090 and monthly help for school for Cherline. This is incredible. You people are so kind and generous. This will cover the funeral expenses, school for Cherline, and extra help for Yvetta to take care of Cherline's needs. Any extra donations after those needs are going to a savings fund to help Yvetta and another one of our jewelry ladies purchase land and be able to build homes for themselves. If you want to contribute to that you can send it through Paypal to
Just so humbled and thankful for each of you

This is amazing news. I hope if you are able you would still consider giving to this cause, and if you want a different one....I know more people in Haiti who are also in need and Americans trying to help out. I would be happy to connect you :)

Posted on January 15, 2016 and filed under Cedar and Cypress.