Visit Haiti, become a Ambassador with us!

Something very exciting happened last week. My friend Shannon went to Haiti with her daughter through their church, Woodridge and Healing Haiti. This isn't too out of the ordinary, there are many churches here in Minnesota who travel to Haiti. 

However, Shannon completed a long time dream of mine. When I opened Cedar and Cypress Designs I had a vision of making it into a type of fundraising project for people traveling to Haiti. Shannon got a code, shared it with her friends and families and on various social media outlets and the orders started rolling in. She got a percentage of every sale that came in with her code on it and by the end I was able to make another order from Haiti AND THEN when Shannon was in Haiti, she got to visit Papillon Enterprise (this was a previously scheduled Healing Haiti visit), but she met some of my friends there and the amazing woman, Shirley, who I work with directly on all my orders. Shannon and her team toured the facility, saw where every thing was made, shopped and got smoothies!

I have this vision of things coming full circle like this. Selling these products from Haiti and knowing people that are helping me sell them will be visiting and meeting the hands and people who are making them. Seeing the lives that are impacted from the purchase. It is such a beautiful process and journey this jewelry takes. 

I am honored to work with all of my partners in Haiti, each doing amazing work and impacting the lives of their employees. We are currently accepting applications for our Ambassador program, if you are traveling to Haiti and would like to fundraise for your trip with us then fill out the form HERE and we will review your application.