Sa Voix Braided Headband-Multi


Sa Voix Braided Headband-Multi

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We love Sa Voix, in French it means Her Voice. They are one of our newest partners in Haiti. Sa Voix was born out of a desire to help the vulnerable, undeserved women of Haiti to find their voice.

Through the use of art Sa Voix creates an atmosphere and experience for their employees to have a safe space for one to explore her voice. They use this art and turn it into an opportunity for a future. Through your purchase, your are encouraging young women to pursue their dream of a better future. Wear your Sa Voix headband proud knowing you have made a difference in a young woman's life or gift it to a friend who needs help finding her voice.

Each piece is completely one of a kind and unique.

“When given permission to be heard we gain the power to grow”


  • 18"
  • Hand Painted Jersey Knit
  • Brought to you from Haiti: Sa Voix
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