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Haiti Cherie

I traveled home today, back to Minnesota, through North Carolina where the storm will surely be heading soon. As I stood in the security line checking all my social media feeds, the world around me seemed to be going on with out skipping a beat. Swirling around me as I stood there, motionless, on the verge of tears. 

The world goes on even when it seems to stop. So many of us see images on TV or Facebook, say a quick prayer or mutter how sad and devastating that must be and move on. 

My mind, my heart and my prayers are in Haiti today. I am thankful that many of my close friends were very safe in their homes, in secure structures and I am speechless at the stories of love they have shown their friends and neighbors. 

*Photo credit Jan Williams Stevens of the Hands and Feet Project

*Photo credit Jan Williams Stevens of the Hands and Feet Project

In the days and weeks that come I know Haiti will be on the minds of many. Living in Minnesota I have met numerous people who have traveled to Haiti. It is in moments like this that I want to encourage us all to support some of the well established hands on organizations.

Through my time in Haiti I had the pleasure of working with many organizations, many who have employees and loved ones whom homes and life have been torn apart by this storm. If you would like to give, I would encourage you to do so, but do your research. We are encouraging everyone to support one of our partners in Haiti Papillion Enterprise through their state side organization and non-profit, Apparent Project Haiti.

Apparent Project is the non-profit of our partner Papillon Enterprise. They have several hundred employees from their jewelry makers, pottery makers, metal artisans, managers, and restaurant employees. Their work is extensive and their relief efforts have already begun. 

Papillion Enterprise is a staple in their community. They provide love, safety, jobs and in this case relief and aid. It is with your help and support that those on the ground will be able to take care of the needs and relief efforts before them. I strongly encourage you to pour into this organizations financially and to continue to cover them with prayer and encouragement. 

It also must be said, buy. Buy from us, from them and from our other partners listed on our website HERE. Your purchase is creating jobs and it is through a reliable job that people will be able to support themselves and their families. This is why we are, this is our core. To provide jobs to create sustainable lifestyles. Thank you for your continues support and love.

Haiti is a beautiful place, tomorrow the sun will rise again, it will bring a new day and new hope. May you be strong and may the light find it's way back to your shores. Haiti Cherie, Bonje se jerve.

Prayers and Blood Needed


If you would like to donate towards Mario's recovery, Papillon Enterprise has set up a donation campaign. Copy and past the link below into your browser:

It can be hard to sit on the side lines and not help when you know there is so much that needs to be done. Tonight I am sitting in Minnesota refreshing a facebook feed, praying for a great man.

One of our amazing partners in Haiti, Papillon Enterprise, is keeping the world updated on one of their brightest employees. If you have even been to Papillon Enterprise to shop or snag a smoothie since the Clay Cafe started then you would have meet Mario.

Haiti can be a dangerous place and people can do terrible things when they are desperate. Today Mario was shot three times. He is in the hospital (Bernard Mevs if you are in Haiti and able to donate blood), however they are not able to operate until they have sufficient blood. Blood in Haiti is not as easy to come by as it is here in America and surgery is not done with out blood being available or ready to replace.

I might not be in Haiti any more, but I know many people who are. If you are in or know some one in Haiti, please consider going to MSF (Medicin Sans Frontier) on Delmas 33 to Donate O+ or O- blood. You must use his full name Jean David Castin. Mario has lost a great deal of blood and needs surgery immediately, possibly two.

If you are not in Haiti like myself, please pray for Mario. I spent a great deal of time at the Clay Cafe while in Haiti last week was greeted by Mario's infectious smile every time. Although I don't know him well, he was kind and welcoming, a good person. It is tough to be so helpless knowing your friends are hurting and grieving. Please-join me in lifting him up in prayer.

Pray for Haiti, for healing and strength as a nation. Pray for Mario and for his family, his father was in the car with him and is also in the hospital. Pray for Papillon Enterprise and the community around them in Haiti.

Stay safe, and God bless.

Update as of 3/9 9:40 PM from Shelley Clay:

Local peeps:
Blood might be needed tomorrow, but for now, none can be processed until the morning. Thank you everyone who jumped into action for Mario tonight!!
Anyone who wants to prevent this kind of crazy run around for future emergencies, please consider donating regularly to the Red Cross in Haiti!

Update on location: go to the Red Cross, 17 people here waiting to donate but they are looking for O+ or -, could donate tomorrow. Don't go to MSF, they weren't sure what to do.


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